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Welcome to Graphene Energy

Welcome to Graphene Energy, Inc. We are leading the development of next generation nano-technology based Ultracapacitors for energy storage. This technology utilizes a unique form of Carbon, called Graphene, for electrode material.

Existing battery technologies fail to address the marketplace needs for high-power energy storage. With significant emphasis on renewable energy, including a rapid ramp-up of Solar, Wind and Geothermal technologies and government mandated requirements for high efficiency vehicles, there is a critical need for cost-effective, high-power and high-capacity energy storage solutions. Graphene is one of the most promising materials for Ultracapacitor electrodes with expectation of power densities surpassing any other known form of activated Carbon electrodes due to its large and readily accessible surface area.

Unlike batteries, Ultracapacitors can store and deliver energy in very short time, thus making them most suitable for high power density applications. Furthermore, a combination of Ultracapacitors and traditional batteries is identified as the most cost effective and reliable solution for applications where lifecycle and reliability are paramount. Applications of this material and technology include regenerative braking in electric and hybrid vehicles, energy balancing for the power grid, storage for Solar and Wind and Geothermal plants, hydraulic and actuator systems requiring high power densities, etc.

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